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Thursday, October 17

Random bookish thoughts

Thursday Thirteen. A few things random: books, coffee, PhD, country dreams, life as usual.

1. some idea...

2. life can be so alive like this if it's not going to be fair

3. I hope the kiddo won't mind my collection

4. I attended an investment presentation; this bloom was on my table
Major Homes Property Presentation

5. beautiful weddings are better than marriages that suck

6. ok, the cycle never ends....

7. 'once upon a midnight dreary... '

8. one day when all this is over, I'm gonna live in the country
All Things Country

9. this made me laugh

10. double negatives - guilty!

11. just two letters and the lovely sentiment is on

12. coffee fun

13. I want to get my hands on The Book Thief before the film is released


  1. Very cool. I especially like #11.

  2. so clever the gown and flower and shoes exquisite so enjoyable

  3. Thanks for the laughs today. Happy TT! Be sure to visit my TT today and enter 2 contests.

  4. Number ten made me laugh - and it explains my difficulties in Italian, too. (Double negatives are everywhere - such a minefield!)

    Happy TT to you!

  5. I liked 1 and 2... Number 5 is gorgeous... Nine had me laughing out loud (yeah, bad editing makes me cringe, even in email) ... I loved The Book Thief. I hope you get a chance to read it before the movie. I think you will like mine this week: Recently Read

  6. I love them all, except maybe the country life. Not that I mind country life, but you know the bears get a bet tiring.

    Mine is up

  7. These were fun! Thanks fro sharing.


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