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Monday, August 25

A moment in an English major's world

Last time I checked I was an English major. But I probably must have been in one practice too long to wonder what I was doing when I presented a financial report on the recent University Games.  Shouldn't I be reciting the prologue to the Canterbury Tales over tea? Too long a way into the past.

I appreciate the Vietnamese lunch that followed though. Then up the 11th floor auditorium I was given an impromptu job. It seemed closer to more familiar uses of an English degree - judge stage productions. So I sat flanked by a former US accountant to my left and a former BBC recording assistant to my right. We were an eclectic trio. The score sheet made me smile inside. Each production I was about to watch and judge was from those story books read to me when I was little.

I like to be enchanted even if it's raw numbers I am reporting on sometimes. Many things could amuse one in an English or Classics major's world. But before I wax persnickety over pedantry I look back to what I did before I realized who was playing Snow White (a male colleague in his early 50s). I saw Cinderella's slippers in my post-modern Melissa wedges and how I accessorized that day.  

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