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Thursday, October 3

Humanoids in Humanities

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Which is better (or preferred) … stories with multiple character points of view? Or stories that stick to just one or two at most? And, why?

If the writer has a knack for portraying multiple or just one or two character points of view, I'm game with either. It's fun to practice cognitive complexity now and then.

Ever wondered how a bunch of foreign instructors in a Southeast Asian university absorb themselves during a meeting?

The scenario: three languages; four age groups, five ranks, philosophies as varied as the total number of wrinkles of everyone in attendance and a common bottomline: pay.

Some suffer burnout, others are eager for showtime one minute and ready to bite the academic dust the next, while the rest look forward to hearing the meeting is adjourned. Those who do not speak the local language have to sit quiet through untranslated speeches. They interact via notes -

1. Crap! Syllabus doesn't match the book. Computer nerdery got messed up or who do we talk to about this?

2. Ah there goes conceptual thinking. Look at the powerpoint.

3. I'm so sick of being professionally stagnant....

4. Business guys are paid $$ more per hour than us humanoids in Humanities ....

5. Oh yes. That's fair.

6. ... watched Sex and the City last night. It was funny but soon I was no longer laughing at the film... seatmates had to read the subtitle first and were laughing about six seconds late

7. But hey, they say we are paid tonight for warming our seats.

8. I bloody well hope so.

9. The Council is the deciding party for our case. Our license has been issued under TCT rules ... nothing is written in stone yet.... We either apply for a tourist visa or leave the country.

10. I'm beginning to fancy that conference in Vietnam... hmn...

11 God I need coffee!

12. with rum?

13. laced with sedative.

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  1. LOL - I've never liked subtitles. They drive me crazy. I need coffee too :)

  2. Had to laugh over the sequence of the last three. I am so glad I don't have to suffer through endless meetings as a friend fo mine does on a daily basis. That would surely drive me crazy! My T13: Autumn

  3. So true, good answer.


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