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Monday, August 25

A moment in an English major's world

Last time I checked I was an English major. But I probably must have been in one practice too long to wonder what I was doing when I presented a financial report on the recent University Games.  Shouldn't I be reciting the prologue to the Canterbury Tales over tea? Too long a way into the past.

I appreciate the Vietnamese lunch that followed though. Then up the 11th floor auditorium I was given an impromptu job. It seemed closer to more familiar uses of an English degree - judge stage productions. So I sat flanked by a former US accountant to my left and a former BBC recording assistant to my right. We were an eclectic trio. The score sheet made me smile inside. Each production I was about to watch and judge was from those story books read to me when I was little.

I like to be enchanted even if it's raw numbers I am reporting on sometimes. Many things could amuse one in an English or Classics major's world. But before I wax persnickety over pedantry I look back to what I did before I realized who was playing Snow White (a male colleague in his early 50s). I saw Cinderella's slippers in my post-modern Melissa wedges and how I accessorized that day.  

Sally's Blue Monday


  1. Oh Hazel,

    How I love those blue shoes! (Your memory is sound; it is a boy.)

    Isn’t it fun finding blue?

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. Your major caught my eye! Our middle daughter Rebekah was an Englsih Literature major. We live in Colorado and there are no jobs inher field! She has been blessed though, because she still loves her books and reads daily but she took a job with a large insurance co. Her older brother and sister both work there and the pay and benefits are good!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I do love the blue you share today. Always a pleasure to visit the Blue Monday crowd and enjoy everyone's shares. Thanks and have a great week!

  3. What lovely blue shoes. Wish I cold wear such, but no more.


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