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Thursday, October 31

Double trouble

Macbeth: witches chanting around a cauldron. Something wicked this way comes!  I enjoy associating the song with Halloween. But as I go through eye of newt, tongue of dog... I can't help thinking how gruesome they are, especially that I'm an animal lover, particularly dogs, and I hate it when animals are hurt.

There is an article though that I came across which suggests that these bats, worms or lizards are "likely just herbs by other names... the brew was "designed to gross out the masses; to stop them from practicing magic."

Now that I can accept. There are only 12 translations from The Literary Tourist. I did some research for the 13th. As I do not normally see these plants in my part of the world, I was also learning while putting them together. The photos are mostly public domain. The one above is my mother's cauldron but it's only jack fruit inside. A link to the photographers and sites follows.


1. Eye of Newt - Mustard Seed
Deception Bytes

2. Toe of Frog - Buttercup
Максим Кукушкин

3. Wool of Bat - Holly Leaves
Petr Kratochvil

4. Tongue of Dog - Houndstongue
Reusable Art

5. Adder's Fork - Adder's tongue
The Flower Book

6. Lizard Leg - Ivy
Ivy on house in autumn by Petr Kratochvil

7. Hawk’s Heart - Wormwood
Pino Perino via Luirig

8. Ass’s Foot or Bull’s Foot: Coltsfoot
Peter Hager

9. Bear’s Foot: Lady’s Mantle
Herb Rowe

10. Calf’s Snout: Snapdragon

11. Graveyard Dust: Mullein
Vera Kratochvil

12. Sparrow’s Tongue: Knotweed

13. Fillet of a fenney snake - arum

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  1. I learned a lot and am preparing my cauldron

    1. I like to think you're having a nice brew.

  2. That's a good take on the whole eye of newt thing. I enjoyed that very much.

  3. Those are so cool! I especially love the name of the last one. Great list, Hazel! Happy Halloween!

  4. It couldn't be easy to get your hands on all these herbs. Much nicer than the animal version, though.

    - Alice

  5. Cool, interesting and insightful post, Hazel! There is a lot of mullein growing near me, but I've never seen reference to it as graveyard dust, and I can see where some species of holly leaves might be seen as resembling bat wings. My Halloween T13


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