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Thursday, July 25

What reader species are you?

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"What kind of moving experiences have you had with your books? (Or, just in general if you’ve got good Moving Day stories–and who doesn’t?) Did having to pack and move your books cause any changes in your book-collecting habits? Make you wish you had everything on an e-reader? Feel free to discuss!"

Moving Day with books is something I have yet to experience. Living overseas, I know I will have to deal with packing, shipping, costs, and all when the time comes. It's the one thing that curbs my compulsion to hoard. Sometimes I look around the apartment noting things I would be willing to give up for the books in case I have to. I worry a bit but maybe I just have to remind myself that I have successfully flown my fur kid from one country to another. Books should not be impossible either.

Thursday Thirteen: reader species from Laura E. Kelly's Classification of Book Lovers & Other Readers. I am a bit of this and/or much of that; such "a cross-bred reader mutt." Most of my traits fall under the Free Range, Compulsive, Situational, and Prestige groups. Which are you or are not?

Compulsive - books as love objects: cherished
1. The Hoarder collects books by the dozens but seldom has time to read them
2. The Compulsive book buyer - I have a budget for when the compulsion strikes and it does like usual
Compulsive - books as love objects: abused
3. The Underliner and Scribbler loves to annotate and underscore, believes that margins are for scribbling notes in
4. The Promiscuous reader is a cheater; abandons current beloved book in pursuit of the next latest and greatest book to hit the charts
5. The Multitasker starts the day out with something from one novelist then reads something entirely different on the subway
6. The Omnireader  reads anything hands can get on. eg. back of boxes, receipts, terms of service
7. The Sleepy bedtime reader wakes up with a book on face and light still on at 3 am
8. The Bathroom reader got a Jeffrey Archer spending rosy days by my bathroom sink
Free Range
9. The Cross-under. I recently bought The Hidden Staircase. My last book from the Nancy Drew series was Clue in the Crumbling Wall 26 years ago
10. The Anachronist subconsciously rejects modern technology; loves abstract concepts from ancient civilizations
11. The Conscientious reader reads nonfiction only to learn
12. The Professional reader reads because of a need to write academic articles or to finish a chapter of a dissertation.
13. The Delayed onset reader buys one or many books but months may pass before starting any of them. I still have one unopened luggage from one book-shopping last year

 Graphic by Laura E. Kelly. Click for more about books, reading, and authors. 


  1. You just beat me :) If you can handle a long wait, shipping books is the cheapest option. My father found the delay useful as it allowed him to get everything set up in his place before the books, dvds etc arrived.

    Here's mine

  2. Moving with books is not an easy task. I should know! I have moved 4 times!!

  3. Loved the classifications of readers. :)

  4. apart from my back, moving with books is alright. all the boxes were labelled for subject and alphabetically. they are the first thing packed and the first thing unpacked. I had bookshelves up before the kitchen was unpacked.

  5. Oh, my, the thought of shipping books or other moving day detritus to another country...well, yes, that would curb my hoarding impulse! lol


  6. I'm the sneak in some time reader

  7. I can't imagine having to move from overseas with books. I love the book classes thing. :) Here is my BTT post.

  8. I am a total bibliophile. I think I'm a combination of all types of reader, LOL Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop xo


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