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Thursday, July 18

Reader's bill of rights

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Summer Reading Redux
Do your reading habits change in the summer? Do you take your books outside more? Do you curl up in the air conditioning? Do you read fluff instead of serious books? Are you too busy playing in the sun or gardening or whatever to read much at all?

During summers when I get to visit home I read in my mother's hammock. No serious books for me. Who can concentrate when family is chattering around; the smell from the kitchen means food is coming non-stop and anytime someone would holler, "everyone! lunch in the beach!"

Thursday 13: Reader's bill of rights.  There are 12 'to's' on Book Riot's Reader's bill of rights. I put together those I can relate with or actually practice and added my own (#10-13). What would you add?

1.   to read anywhere in any position   
2.   to read without intrusion
3.   to read as slowly as you like
4.   to read several books at one time
5.   to underline favorite passages
6.   to read a book over and over again
7.   to avoid reading a book even if it's really popular (Jennifer Crispin)
8.  to laugh out loud if something you read is really funny  (Anna Vaughan)
9.   to choose a book just for its cover  (Colleen Tsoukalas)
10. to write my reactions or thoughts on the margins
11. to have a book in the bathroom, porch, and in traveling purses
12. to eat out, in charming cafes no less, after finishing a book
13to buy a book, leave it at home, come back the next year and continue reading it, not discover that it has been 'borrowed' by book thieves (I live overseas, but keep some of my books at home. When I visited last year I discovered one of them was missing and I take offense that it hasn't been returned)


  1. My summer reading means shorter books (not necessarily different types of books) and shorter but more frequent reading sessions. You can read the rest here:

  2. Intriguing list of "tos."

    I can't read around a lot of people, but reading in a hammock sounds lovely.

    Here's MY BTT POST

  3. I'd add an absolute ban on anyone - and I mean ANYONE - touching my books!!!!! :-)

  4. I find I read less in the summer. Too much to do outdoors. Nothing like a cozy read on a winter's night.
    Happy T13!

  5. I read whenever & wherever I get the chance.

  6. I read about the same year round, I think. I never loan out books but I do give them away.

  7. My reading habits really don't change during the summer. I will sometimes read outside, but not much or often as I burn far too easily. Sunscreen and books do not go well together. Great T13 list! Another Walk

  8. I love it. - I live with a book thief - my oldest daughter. I have to be careful, if i say a book is great and then put it down in an unprotected area it disappears..Right now I'm awaiting the return of Crocodiles on the Sandbank...le sigh

    1. Aww that's okay it's just the daughter. Mine are a couple of nieces and they don't read my blog so they don't know what awaits them the moment I get back - Auntie's Wrath, lol! I still have no idea when are the brats going to return what they stole.

  9. I don't lend books any more as I rarely get them back or if I do, they aren't in the same condition. I'm happy to provide people with ISBNs though if they want to track down the book themselves. Here's mine Backchatting Books BTT

  10. Oh reading in a hammock sounds like a blast!! Here's mine


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