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Thursday, April 3

In celebration of International Children's Book Day

Do you write in your books? Highlight? Make notes? Or do you like to keep your copies as pristine as possible?
Yes, yes, and yes. I want life easy whenever I fancy going back to something in the book. But it's no, no, and no for books in my collector shelf.  Booking Through Thursday


April 2nd, which is Hans Christian Andersen's birthday, is also International Children's Book Day.  

What were your favorite stories as a child? One of mine is Rapunzel. My heart still skips every time I see or hear any reference to her. I couldn't resist taking her photo when I saw her again while exploring Universal Studios Singapore last year.

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!" my mother would read to me. While she did not neglect the fairy tales, she made sure I had a bounty of  Bible stories, and this is a list of those stories with keywords I remember and links in case you fancy reading more.

1. Baby in a basket - Moses, Miriam, Aaron, Jochebed, Nile River, Egypt, adopted by the Princess, papyrus reeds, Pharoah, Hebrew slaves (Photo and story in a devotional)

2. Joseph's new coat - jealous brothers, colors, doting Dad (Wikipedia commentary)

3. The first Christmas - Bethlehem, Joseph and Mary, angels, star, shepherds, frankincense, myrrh, King Herod, ('Away in a manger')

4. David and Goliath - slingshot, my first introduction to giants and snipers (story summary)

5. Go wash in the river - leprosy, Jordan river, my first introduction to army commanders (EG White writings)

6. Elijah and the time of no rain - King Ahab, ravens, manna, brook Cherith, my first introduction to droughts and prophets (Elijah's Prayer)

7. A room and a boy - headache, childless couple, being kind to strangers, widow of Zarephath, one of my first introductions to resurrection

8. Barley loaves and fishes - food multiplying, feeding thousands (story in song by Corrine May) Why they say 'fishes' I have yet to find out

9. Esther the brave queen - Hadassah, "If I perish, I perish," Haman (ministry to children)

10. When God washed the world - flood, rainbow, ark, Noah, animals marching to the ark by twos, fours, sevens (discussion)

11. Daniel and the lions - thrown into a lion's den (story)

12. Zaccheus the cheater - corrupt government official, short man, sycamore tree (story)

13. Jesus calms the storm - winds and waves, sleeping soundly through a storm, trust (lesson ideas on pinterest)

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  1. Write in books? I have been known to make pencil marks next to certain passages or vocab words I want to come back to. The only books I ever used a highlighter in were college text books.

    As for choldren's of my favorites was "Sophie and Gussie," a collection of stories about two squirrel friends. I read it so many times it literally fell apart. "The Secret Garden" and "Mandy" were also favorites.


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