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Thursday, March 27

Ads on Inferno

Dan Brown's Inferno is noted for product placement in a review. Examples are cited like nos. 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 12 and 13. I researched the rest.  Links to the photos, which are obviously not mine, are provided. Some of these you may recognize at first glance. See which ones.  The brands are provided below.  Let's have fun:
1. iPhone

2. Sweatpants (The Glamorous Housewife)

3. Book (

 4. Warren Buffet has a time-share in this company (Blogs WSJ)

5. Storage bag (Serenity Through Simplicity)

6. "Glasses for scientists" (Best Image Optical)

7. Ladies in Lavender were given choices of jackets for their guest (Le Chocolat)

8. Cruiser (Charterworld)

10. Wheels (Wiki Commons)

11. Speak softly love (Old Films on blu-ray)

12. His Holiness is on board (The Rat Zinger Forum)

13. You may have stayed here. (Stelle Firenze)

2. Juicy / 3. Paul Ehrlich's The population bomb / 4. NetJets / 5. Ziploc / 6. Plume Paris / 7. Harris Tweed / 8. Dubois SR52 Blackbird / 9. Brioni / 10. Fiat / 11. The Godfather / 12. Frecciargento /  13. Grand Hotel Baglioni


  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop xo

  2. The only one I recognized "at a glance" was Ziploc, mostly because I use that brand. My T13: Reading Quotes

  3. And I thought I was bad about it in my own writing.

  4. Yet another reason I try to avoid "product placement" in my own stories - some of those will be remarkably dated one day and might even confuse some readers. Such are the risks of trying to make a story seem up-to-date, I suppose. ;)

  5. Sorry, I didn't guess any of these, but now you've got me thinking. Thanks.


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