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Thursday, February 20

Tyranny of words

After The Wolf of Wall Street yesterday I had been subjected to enough expletives to fancy something I thought might have less or none of di Caprio's f******* screen awesomeness. Jordie is serving time while Charlie is spending time with his great grand kids.  I'll admit it: I'm a fan of the classics.

Here are 13 quotes from David Copperfield. I put together what I can relate with, like "there is Math in your future" (#1), my father who lived most of his life around #4,  when tempted to attempt too much multi-tasking (#5), my favorite vice (#6); favorite relaxant (#10) and so on. Does anything appeal to you?

1. “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pound ought and six, result misery.”

2.   “Trifles make the sum of life. ” 

3.  “We talk about the tyranny of words, but we like to tyrannize over them too; we are fond of having a large superfluous establishment of words to wait upon us on great occasions; we think it looks important, and sounds well. As we are not particular about the meaning of our liveries on state occasions, if they be but fine and numerous enough, so, the meaning or necessity of our words is a secondary consideration, if there be but a great parade of them. And as individuals get into trouble by making too great a show of liveries, or as slaves when they are too numerous rise against their masters, so I think I could mention a nation that has got into many great difficulties, and will get into many greater, from maintaining too large a retinue of words.” 

 4. “Least said, soonest mended”

 5. “I never could have done what I have done, without the habits of punctuality, order, and diligence, without the determination to concentrate myself on one object at a time.”

6. “Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him.”

7. “There can be no disparity in marriage like unsuitability of mind and purpose.” 

8. “We must meet reverses boldly, and not suffer them to frighten us, my dear. We must learn to act the play out. We must live misfortune down, Trot!” 

9. “But, tears were not the things to find their way to Mr. Bumble's soul; his heart was waterproof.” 

10. “I could settle down into a state of equable low spirits, and resign myself to coffee.”

11. “This was my only and my constant comfort. When I think of it, the picture always rises in my mind, of a summer evening, the boys at play in the churchyard, and I sitting on my bed, reading as if for life.” 

12. “It's in vain to recall the past, unless it works some influence upon the present.”

13.  “Are tears the dewdrops of the heart?”


  1. Lovely quotes there, and I must say I especially adore number eleven.

    Happy TT to you!

  2. Wow, I'm impressed to see Dicken's great, great greats. I wonder if any of them will become authors. My post features an author too.

    1. Now that's a thought...; would be interesting I guess.

  3. He would say #3, but he got paid by the word, so a surfeit would be handy for him.

    1. Wonder if there was something like an editor trimming the surfeit he might have had....

  4. I certainly relate strongly to #6, that is one of my biggest issues!

  5. Some good quotes from a Dickens novel I haven't read (yet).


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