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Thursday, November 28

Bookish Thanksgiving

I am thankful for -

1. Beautiful libraries. Don't they just take your breath away?

2. Tsundoku: when life outside books and reading gets busy, here's what I do!

3. Authors; and I refer to not just my favorite ones

4. My job allows employees to read whatever and as much as they like so long as work is done.

5. People like David Rubenstein who plans to loan to libraries the Bay Psalm Book he bought at auction (reportedly the world's most expensive book at $14M)

6. Facebook Pages that provide my daily bookish fix:

7. Book-shopping. Nowadays I am loving book-shopping more than shoe-shopping (when I'm supposed to be a shoe addict too)

8. Places like this - a perfect stop in a literary tour. If I have any motivation to send my son to the US, having him explore Bookworm Gardens would be a wonderful purpose to put on the visa application form.

 Book Riot

9. Browsing, personal position style. This is the Central Bangna branch of Asia Books. They don't mind patrons looking weird while browsing their books

10. Being a bookworm. What joy!

 The Book Connections

11. Second-hand book shops. My apartment is running out of space because of them, and I'm enjoying the sight

12. Bookish brunches. This is Agalico, a lovely tea room; my weekend hangout where I read in peace

13. And finally, my parents who instilled in me a love for reading; showering me with books as gifts while I was growing up. I'm passing on the tradition to the son

Once upon a Valentine, I dated my kiddo in a bookstore...


  1. So, um, books are of some interest to you, then?

  2. So, um, it would be fair to say that books have some degree of importance in your life, then?

  3. Bravo! Books are indeed wonderful and bring much joy to life.

  4. nice lineup. out of a print run of 1700 only 11 copies left. that's interesting. nearly 400 years takes a toll on books.

  5. Great list, Hazel. And I am SO with you on beautiful libraries. I could spend all day in a library. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  6. Oh we are two peas in a pod!!!
    Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. ♥

  7. Wait. Stop. Hold everything. How is it I have never heard of Bookworm Gardens when they are only a couple hours from me?? Other than the fact they only opened three years ago? Guess I need to make more of a habit of watching Discover Wisconsin on Saturdays... My Thanksgiving post

  8. I read a book in one sitting last night by my favorite author and was considering writing him a letter he's like The Beatles to me lol


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