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Thursday, August 29

Quality or quantity

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Which is more important? Quality for you reading? Or quantity?
My sidebar may not show much that would match what this blog claims to be, eg. widgets like "books read" or "currently reading..." Not that I don't have those but I'm just taking my time dissecting books, writing reactions on the margins, and connecting with the stories in mind and heart. I savor quality.

Thursday Thirteen song titles that begin with I. Anything you like or reminds you of something?

1. I'll never love this way again by Dionne Warwick
2. I miss you like crazy by Natalie Cole
~ seen these live

3. I've never been to me  by Charlene
4. I don't want you to go by Lani Hall
5. I will always love you by Kenny Roger
6. I just can't stop loving you by Michael Jackson
7. I don't wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith

8. I miss you (Klymaxx) reminds me of high school
9. I need to be in love (Karen Carpenter) love playing this on the piano
10. I'm not in love (10cc) once quoted this as an FB shoutout; a lengthy, animated interaction ensued

11. I can wait forever by Air Supply
12. I can't fight this feeling anymore by Reo Speedwagon
~ easy to sing on karaoke

13I will survive by Gloria Gaynor
 ~ reminds me of an embarrassing moment: I sang and danced along this song on MTV confident I was doing it in a completely empty restaurant corner. Now I didn't notice a new group of hotel guests piling in or I didn't immediately realize they were humans; Through the glass wall I saw they were tall and huge I could think of only one comparison - gods spilling out the courtyard of Campanile Redditch from Mt Olympus. It was too late when I abruptly stopped mimicking Gloria Gaynor. The French rugby team had just seen someone looking like an idiot.


  1. Air Supply ... WOW. Now that brings back a lot of memories from my youth. Great song list!

  2. Air Supply and Reo Speedwagon... haven't thought of them in years. Great list!

  3. Good answer.

  4. Wow, some oldies in your list of songs! I used to be a big Air Supply fan, that goes way back!


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