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Thursday, August 15

Neither a borrower

In this post: Booking Through Thursday, Thursday Thirteen, Favorite Things do you feel about borrowing books from friends? Is this something you like to do? Does it make you feel uncomfortable or rushed while reading? Does it affect how you feel about the book you’re reading, pressured into liking it?
The reason I normally do not borrow books is exactly feeling uncomfortable and rushed while reading. I feel what I like to feel or think about the book though, borrowed or not, but I express it only when asked. If I don't like it I'll find a nice way to say why.

Thursday Thirteen books for 9 baht each (usd 29 cents). Dasa Books does it again - set readers / book lovers in a frenzy with their crazy blow-out book sale. Do you have a spree when books go as low-cost as this and the choices are many?

1. Milk glass moon by Adriana Trigiani - I bought it for the cover
2. Violin by Anne Rice - I have never read an Anne Rice before
3. Burning Marguerite by Elizabeth Inness-Brown - the cover makes one feel mysterious

- by Maeve Binchy
4. Tara Road - about home exchange; my current read. A big ramshackle Victorian mansion is prominent in the blurb so right into the check out counter
5. Nights of Rain and Stars - the setting sounds charming to me: Greek tavern above a small village of Aghia Anna
6. Copper Beech - who wouldn't like what People promised?  "as soothing as a cup of tea"

~ I like browsing this kind of books with my morning coffee
7. Climate Change: what's your business strategy? by AJ Hoffman & JG Woody
8. Great escapes short story collection by various authors
9. The care and feeding of ideas by James L Adams
10. Beyond engineering by Michael Hammer

11. Carolina moon by Jill McCorkle - Carolina reminded me of my recent talk with an aunt about a possible visit to the lovely state in the future
12. The bad mother's handbook by Kate Long - Observer says it's "a funny and wise picture of the impatience and indescribable love of family"
13. Tulip touch by Anne Fine - I'm in the mood for alliteration


  1. I'm pictured the moon poured into a glass for #1. Titles are so important. I used to be addicted to acquiring books but then realized I wasn't reading half of them, maybe just got pulled by the title and the idea of them.

  2. Trigiani's books are wonderful; I hope you enjoy that. Also McCorkle's books are great, and one seldom goes wrong with a Maeve Binchy book. Great finds!

  3. The care and feeding of ideas by James L Adams sounds fascintaing. I think that's one to add to my To Be Read list.

  4. I don't like to borrow's MY BTT POST

    Love the collection of books you got! Enjoy!

  5. I guess selling cheap is better than them being pulped. Occasionally taking a risk on a new kind of book pays off.

  6. oh, and borrow or lend? both make me nervous. gifts are better. no waiting that way.

  7. The only author on your list I have read is Maeve Binchy, and that was a long time back. As for borrowing, I only borrow from one friend and one sister, and never feel rushed about finishing them right away. These are also the only people to whom I ever loan books, mostly because I know I will get them back, and in the same condition as when I loaned them. My T13

  8. Not comfortable borrowing, I prefer my own.

  9. wonderful reading list. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo


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